Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Rainbow of Precious Gems

How rich we are! How fortunate and blessed!

To be endowed with the opportunity to revel in the opulence and silky, sultriness of a warm Summer afternoon. 

Breathe deeply the warm scents of cedar and pine in the richly woven fabric of the woods. They glow with beams of amber light as the golden sunset fades.
What joy bursts forth from the heart when rare flying jewels come by to be admired and treasured!
A rainbow of precious gems are ours to savor.  A wealth of beauty
right before our eyes!
How prosperous is a life flush with these luxuries to appreciate,
to cherish.  Be grateful.

Monday, March 19, 2018


I am a but speck of dust in the vast recesses of the Universe.

I am however, a speck of Life.  A point of consciousness.
A cognizant morsel of the mind of God.

In being so, that makes me an integral part of the Great Unknown.
Like every minute particle, an intrinsic portion of the whole of  Life.

It is said that if you take away one infinitesimal fragment of the Whole
the whole will cease to be.

Good thing no minuscule bit can truly be separated from it's Source.

In every seemingly insignificant mite the Perfection of the Totality is present.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Music Lessons

    ♫  Dance to the Rhythm of Well Being
     ♪ Sing a song from your Soul
    ♫  Breathe in and out the Renewal and Release of Re-awakening
     ♪ Return to the ancient roots of your Spirit
    ♫  Hum along with the Music of the Spheres
     ♪ Tune to the Frequency of the Source
    ♫  Sway with the Natural order of the Universe...
     ♪ and you will become a Virtuoso of your Instrument

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Chapel of Choice

   This Sunday morning my cathedral is beneath the tall spires of the trees.

   Brown crispy angels are descending from Heaven; spiraling, floating, some in coats of many colors.   The incense of  autumn leaves and earth is setting an air of reverence.  Stained glass leaves of gold, red and green against a clear blue sky are my sanctuary.  A dome of bending branches are like an old time outdoor canopy revival meeting.  Wind whispering and whistling through the pines, as if it were a pipe organ, revives my spirit.

   The congregation of creatures is gathering.  A fellowship of feathered friends, a choir of crickets and a hidden harmony of tree frogs are ready to begin.  There is silence for reflection,  a birdbath for baptism and the sacred, ancient music of birdsong to stir the soul.  A synagogue of devotion to the Source of all things great and small.  One can feel the bless-ed presence of the Pastor in the air.

   There is symbolism here to ponder.  The dogwood tree, the sparrows and what is left of the lily stalks are an inherent reminder of the sacred secrets Nature holds and the divinity and sanctity in all life.  After all, the "Good Book", Torah and scrolls of our ancestors were all made of trees.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I think I'd like to sit amongst the trees for awhile,
And leave behind my hectic, distraction filled lifestyle.
No one's in a hurry out here in the yard,
No one's rushing, no ones pushing hard.

Leaves descending, floating down toward the ground.
The breeze assists the process, otherwise, not a sound.
A few bird tweets remind me, that I could be more detached
From tv, devices and voices, email, tweets and fax.

A long deep breath in and I am once again renewed!
It only takes a moment to refresh and restore my mood.
Silky clouds drifting over my busy head.
Let go, let God, relax and breathe instead.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Take a Minute

Look up.  Look out and over those temporal things, those troubling things.  Look above those things that are of this world; earthly things, worldly possessions.  Look past the stuff of living, the stuff that needs cleaning and insuring and maintenance and moving about.

Take a moment to appreciate that which is free and free flowing. The beautiful, the unlimited, that which is abundant and always available.

 Look toward the sky.  Appreciate the air and the wind and the colors and the rain.  Recognize the expansive nature of the universe.  Note the consistency of days, of  seasons, of moons.

Feel the stream of consciousness that breathes in you and lives in you and loves through you.  Feel the emotion of well-being that wells up in you and spills over into your world, into all that you care about.

 Know that, this Life-force is there with us, within us,  available to us, ready to pour out upon those we hold dear and wash over situations and the troubling stuff of life.  Always available.  Always.

Monday, September 7, 2015


I took my troubles to the woods to find some solace there.

With heavy heart I asked for words to comfort my despair.

I heard no sound except the wind blowing through the pines.

I sadly felt ignored and even worse since they declined.

Oh, Nature spirits, can you send some sweet relief my way?

All I noticed was the scent of blossoms warmed by day.

I wished I had someone to stroke my cheek and say they care,

When all at once a breeze caressed my face and tossed my hair.

I sat upon a sturdy limb and leaned against the trunk

While dreaming of a warm embrace to wrest me from my funk.

I searched my mind for melodies upon which I could depend,

To lift me out of doldrums and to lightheartedness again.

But I could not concentrate on songs, with all the noise above!

So many birds were singing! Chirping wrens and cooing doves!

Nature's answers are discreet and subtle by design.

You have to pay attention, your ears and eyes incline.

She whispers comfort and relief, imparts with peace Her joy,

If we but pause to linger there until we hear her voice.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


The beauty of a dragonfly sparkling in the sun,
Dashing, dancing, darting, having dragonfly fun.

Trill of birdsong, scent of rose, glowing sunset view…
Each a tribute to the One who enlivens me and you.

Can we begin to understand the consciousness that was birthed
In each and every being on this magnificent earth?

If caterpillars’ chrysalis and birds’ migration awes,
Then Infinite Intelligence inspires Nature’s laws.

And what if there’s much more to know?  Imagine, do we dare?
That mountains, trees and waterfalls are similarly aware.

The mystery and majesty of a butterfly’s intent
Remains a veiled intimacy we behold, but can’t comprehend.

Changing of the seasons, ebb and flow of tide…

There’s eternity embedded in us, interconnected from the inside.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Aspire To Be Unencumbered

I am unencumbered, I am free.
I float through my days like a leaf on a breeze.
I spew nor retain any malice debris.
I blow through my life as wind in the trees.

I am unencumbered, I let myself dream.
I joyously harbor no wrath.
I merrily dance on life's energy stream.
I carry no excess along my path.

I am unencumbered, I bear no ill will.
Light as a feather I fly.
I no longer labor by travelling uphill.
I'm a wisp of a cloud in a bright blue sky.

I am unencumbered, a bird on the wing.
I roll and I flow like a brook o'er a glade.
My Soul swells to the song that I sing,
while I march my own Happy Parade.

I am unencumbered, I choose my own way.
I tweak and adjust as I go.
I feel my way through every part of my day,
Alert and aware of the flow.

I am unencumbered, and I am in charge
of what seems to be happenstance, fate.
I relax and I know my Source is at large
and with It I will Co-Create.

Unencumbered and free is a possible state.
Letting go of what troubles us, key.
Put aside the crippling myth of "Fate",
Captain you ship and be free!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Nature's Abundant Nature

As the snow flies over the house in a whoosh of white whispers, I am suddenly enthralled from my station at the front door.  A feeling of peace overtakes my initial thrill to the sight of snow in a warm region.  Silent snowflakes are drifting downward in uncountable lilting legions.  They gather in little fluffy clumps of Wintery wonder before their final destination.

There are far, far too many to comprehend.  The human mind is built for calculating and counting and less often employed for pondering the wonders of the Universe.  How many?

How many raindrops fall in a Spring storm?  How many blades of grass are in your lawn, on your street? In the neighborhood? - the country, the continent?

Unfathomable!  Grains of sand, leaves on trees, the trees themselves!  Infinite? What does that even mean?

Some say the number of stars in a Summer sky are infinite.  I'm no astronomer, but it sure is pleasurable to gaze up into our current Winter night's frozen darkness at the brilliant bits of ancient light, and wonder.  What portion of the whole do I see?

Abundance is the way of Nature.  Infinity is the norm.

What is our place in all of this abundance?  Is there not a secret meaning for us to revel in?  Are we not a part of this limitlessness?  Our thoughts are abundant.  Ideas are bountiful.  Imagine how many cells were in your tiny body the day you were born.  Trillions of cells have regenerated themselves and added to the incalculable transactions of Life in you.  Do we live on into Eternity in some form (or non-physical form)?

We are a part of this Nature as breath is a part of air.
Life is abundant, Love is illimitable, we are inestimable and entitled to know, to savor, to live our abundant nature in every unlimited way possible!